Sean Cooper - For School Board - Seminole County District 2
Sheriff Lemma and Sean Cooper

Sheriff Lemma Endorses Sean for Seminole County School Board

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Sean Cooper - For School Board - Seminole County District 2

My father always said
these words when I left for school:

“Keep the main thing,
the main thing.”

The main thing for me is our incredible students—they are a gift to this community. I am committed to pouring my time, my heart, energy and resources into the development of our schools, teachers, and administrators.

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Why This Matters to Me

When our students thrive, we all thrive—our county thrives.

The last two years have been enormously challenging and at times, devastating to so many of our students and their families. I believe that now, as we continue to deal with the aftereffects of Covid, we have an incredible opportunity sitting directly in front of us. Our aim isn’t to go back to 2019. Since that year, we have become tougher, more resilient, more heartbroken but this has led us to be wiser, more compassionate, stronger and also gentler. Our aim is to take the lessons that we’ve learned over the past two years, and be better for it.

Guiding Principles

Seminole County is full of talent, expertise, and resources—both tapped and untapped. This generation of students is full of strength, passion and potential. Our teachers are dedicated and motivated.

  • I believe deeply in the next generation.
  • I believe deeply in our teachers.
  • I know we can produce local, national, and world leaders through our county.
  • I know our state’s diversity is a unique and enormous advantage and opportunity for us locally and for our nation.
  • I will pursue continuous improvement.
  • I will pursue continuous innovation.

If these principles resonate with you, please join us on Tuesday, November 8th to vote!

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The most important way to help build up our community is to vote on Tuesday, November 8th. If you are interested in making a huge impact, please consider becoming a volunteer and help us mobilize our neighbors to vote!


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