Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper
Sheriff Lemma and Sean Cooper

Sheriff Lemma Supports Sean Cooper for Seminole County School Board

“I believe that Sean Cooper demonstrates the traits, qualities, and credentials that we need in our elected School Board Members. He has deep roots serving this community, and in particular the youth of this community, for decades—providing them with guidance and mentorship. Sean comes to this important responsibility ready. His plan for our schools is to focus on the greatest areas of importance and to ensure that our Seminole County Public Schools remain the high-quality system that it is today. Sean is compassionate, experienced and a lifelong learner who simply wants to see the youth of our community remain safe and successful.”

Dennis M. Lemma
Sheriff, Seminole County

Sean’s Guiding Principles

Seminole County is full of talent, expertise, and resources—both tapped and untapped. This generation of students is full of strength, passion and potential. Our teachers are dedicated and motivated.

  • I believe deeply in the next generation.
  • I believe deeply in our teachers.
  • I know we can produce local, national, and world leaders through our county.
  • I know our state’s diversity is a unique and enormous advantage and opportunity for us locally and for our nation.
  • I will pursue continuous improvement.
  • I will pursue continuous innovation.

If these principles resonate with you, please join us on Tuesday, Novemeber 8th to vote!

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