Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper

My Main Things

This is a time for vision and leadership in our county. By serving and supporting our public schools, we serve and support every generation in Seminole County. This is the time to look forward and build a vision for making our schools the best in the state and for helping all students fulfill their potential. By building a vision around what we are for, we will strengthen and grow the values that we hold so high.

What Does it Mean to Build a Vision for Our Schools?

1. I am FOR Family Empowerment

It’s the primary responsibility of parents to raise their children, and the school should do all in its power to resource, equip and support parents.

2. I am FOR Character Development

We must build strong character and social maturity in all students to set them up for future success. Teaching “softer” skills make a stronger society.

3. I am FOR Academic Success

We must maintain and improve the track record of academic success that SCPS is known for. We must do all within our authority to help motivate and encourage teachers and resource them appropriately to ensure success for all students.

4. I am FOR School Safety

I believe that students grow and develop optimally in environments where they feel safe. I am committed to working with our Sheriff to ensure the physical safety of our students as well as school counselors, teachers, and administrators.

5. I am FOR Mental Wellness

I believe that mental health matters. I am committed to providing resources, creating supportive environments, and developing self-care techniques to bring mental wellness to all our students.

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